Saturday, 20 April 2013

...and all I was, in ashes.

Most days this winter I've gone down to our little ash platt, across a ditch from the body of the farm, checking on a feeder for the wild birds.Now, in late April, it is coming into its own, wood anemones,early bluebells and the occasional orchid.
However, this sense of melancholy is caused by the worry of the Chalara virus that is poised to devastate our ash trees, and alter the biodiversity of woods like this. It is only about one acre, so I could conceivably replant with oak and maple, but in the meantime, light levels would change, brambles encroach, and the fence to fence sheet of bluebells, shortly to burst into indescribable flower, would vanish.

An early bluebell, among the anemones.

Ashes, bluebells and anemones. I coppiced this wood about 15-20 years ago, and ideally, the thinner stems should be taken out now, but I'm worried that the resultant new growth would be most at risk from the virus.

The ground is still too wet to turn the cattle out, but perhaps another dry week.... For once, the nursery is fairly floriferous, and we are off to a fair at Godinton tomorrow. Rumour has it that people are actually thinking about going into their gardens!


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