Friday, 25 May 2012

'Some garden of broken stones and aquilegias...'

Not many stones of any description here, apart from some broken slabs of Bethersden Marble, but we have aquilegias coming out of our boots.Over the years, we've bought packets and packets of seeds of scented cultivars for the nursery, only to find in most cases that the resultant plants weren't scented or of much interest at all. Some of those that we didn't sell were planted out in the front garden, and now we have an infinite variety of form and colour. We plan to mark and save some of the more interesting ones-yes, some are smelly, but we know that what flowers in a couple of years will be different again, with a tendency to turn a rather insipid pink.

The recent hot weather, a real treat after what seemed to be weeks of cold and damp,has made things jump.Each day is greener and bluer: I heard a distant turtle dove the other day.I'll be meeting our Natural England advisor next month regarding our Higher Level Stewardship application , and plan to see if we can support this scarce but iconic summer visitor. We already have high hedges and the odd plant of fumitory, which is a major food source.



  1. Awash indeed, lovely.

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