Thursday, 17 May 2012

Lunaria rediviva

Lunaria annua, Honesty, is an old favourite in the flower beds and growing in hedge bottoms about the farm. The perennial species, L rediviva seems equally accommodating, growing with us in an east facing bed just in front of the house wall-not the easiest position. To date, it hasn't seeded itself around, and in fact the seeds that we sowed this year are still to germinate, despite spells in the refrigerator. Perhaps when we  have commissioned our new propagation  arrangements we will be able to take cuttings.

The plant has a good cabbage solidity with a pronounced scent on the lilac spectrum:later in the season the lozenge shaped seed pods provide  further interest. Our bought it, mail order, from Cally Gardens.

We've attended plenty of plant sales this month, but a combination of unseasonably cold and wet weather and the recession has depressed demand. Mind you, to stand in the sun (when shining!) in a beautiful garden is a good way to pass a Sunday.

The cattle are making an awful mess of the gateways,so we will have to roll the ruts when things finally dry up:some of the worst areas will probably need harrowing and reseeding later in the year.

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