Wednesday, 2 May 2012

How fearful and dizzy 'tis to cast one's eyes so low!

I’ve never had a good head for heights, but the contractors who were repairing the barn roof took me up in their cherry picker so I could take a few photos o.f the farm and nursery.This was a few days ago:now the fields are stodged up by the cattle, who are most disconsolate. We’ll have to start feeding hay for a while until the grass gets ahead of them-what’s needed are warm nights!

The famous nursery
A view of distant kine
 The nightingale has been singing for a week now: I think that I’ve heard about four individuals either on the farm or on neighbouring ground. We do hear the cuckoo, but rarely; a couple of swallows were about the yard today. April and May are busy months for plant sales, unfortunately the grim weather and financial uncertainty mean that fewer people are in a spending frame of mind. Today we were at a Gardening for the Disabled Trust event up the road in Woodchurch, and at the weekend we will be at Horsmonden Farmers Market on Friday, at the wonderful Saltwood Castle, (in aid of the NSPCC), on Saturday, at Denbies near Dorking on Sunday, and at Belmont spring fair near Faversham on Bank Holiday Monday.In between at that, we’ll be hard at it pricking out and potting on, and keeping the farm running smoothly.

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