Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The ritual uncovering

Last week we took down the polythene sheeting that had been flapping about the laying –out beds since the late autumn. After the short and sweet arctic blast of the week before last subtropical warmth is forecast for the rest of this week , and indeed some long awaited rain. Emboldened by the condition of the over wintered stock, we went on to take down the bubble wrap in the polytunnel and the lids of the cold frames. As the week progressed , the warmer it got:at 6.55am on the school run the thermometer registered 10 Centigrade, and during the afternoon I put on the airconditioning in the tractor as I rolled The Pinnocks. The cattle would love to go out-the ground is probably dry enough in places, but of course the grass hasn’t really got going. Talk of drought and hosepipe bans is very worrying:we have already run out of hay and are having to buy it in. A dry spring will lead to another thin hay crop.Using a clover based system I’m loath to use too much artificial Nitrogen, but I fear I’ll have to in order to kick start the crop. We do have the IBCs installed last year to store roof water, but it needs to rain to keep ‘em full!

Lonicera fragrantissima has been flowering well and scenting the garden these past grey days.

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