Sunday, 29 January 2012

Bread and Cheese

On Tuesday I declared Bread and Cheese, seemingly weeks before the proper time, and on a hedge not usually noted for being early. For the last few years,I’ve found a hawthorn at the northeast corner of Spratts to be the earliest on the farm. I suppose I should record these phenomena,but sometimes life is too busy. I don’t know if this is solely a Kent or even a family thing, but for as long as I can remember I have solemnly eaten the first open buds of hawthorn, while imagining that they taste of bread and cheese. They don’t , as far as I can tell. Meanwhile, the hedges are getting their biennual tidy up, and we have made the first steps in our application for Higher Level Environmental Stewardship for the fields that we will keep at Riverhall. The plan is that we will build on the work done over the last ten years:nutrient levels should be sufficiently depleted to enable wild flower seeds to grow without too much competition. We would probably spray-off strips after haymaking, lightly surface cultivate, then broadcast the seed, before we ring roll and let the cattle puddle the seeds in.
Bread and Cheese on a January Hedge.

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