Wednesday, 28 December 2011

December 2011

As I intimated in my last post-far too long ago-this was our last arable harvest. Since then, the sale of outlying farmland that had been gestating for several months has come to completion, and we are in a more comfortable situation. Necessarily, we are in a kind of limbo:we will put the rest of the farm on the Market in the Spring, and shall be looking for a suitable location for the cattle and nursery. In the meantime, we’ve put all the plants in the setting out beds and cold frames under cover, with the intention that they don’t get waterlogged then frozen as per last year. Everytime the wind blows round the nursery there is a ghostly flapping of polythene, reminiscent of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. A dry autumn and mild:the grass is still just about growing, and I only brought the youngstock finally inside on Christmas Eve. The cows came in a bit earlier after I brought them back from Riverhall at the end of October, as I didn’t want the bull to come across some of his daughters. I had a brief attack of nostalgia for autumn cultivations, especially as it was one of the most open seasons that I can remember, but I had more than enough to do round the yard and in the nursery.

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