Saturday, 2 April 2011

Green at last

Light levels are up, ground temperature is supposed to be in double figures, and the grass is finally growing.The cows are out fulltime now, though the youngsters are still in, waiting for the outlying grass to bulk up.I’m pretty certain I saw a swallow yesterday, and the buzzards are still about.
We had an enjoyable day selling at Smallhythe last weekend-part of the Kent Big Day Out promotion, and we will be at a Hardy Plants Society fair at Belmont near Faversham on Sunday 10th April from 2-5.
Elizabeth is cracking on with the nursery work, and hopes to start the bulk of seeds next week. We don’t start too early, as we have no heat in the polytunnel.
We recently renewed our Entry Level Stewardship Agreement, and received confirmation from Natural England this week.Next year,our ten year Countryside Stewardship Agreement matures, and we are giving thought as to what follows. I hope that we will be able to join the Higher Level Scheme, as some of our arable reversion fields are showing a reasonable level of floristic interest.
Sometimes I feel as if I’m a Maoist ,as we seem to be in a state of permanent revolution.

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