Thursday, 17 March 2011

Some call it hibernation

Sometimes, I wish we could, especially on those dull grey raw days that seem so frequent this past few months. However, we have not been asleep, nor indeed idle . Thinking about opening to the public, sooner or later, we’ve had days of sorting out the yard-much more to do, but at least we’ve started.The two IBCs that have been cluttering the place up have been plumbed into the gutters of the cattle yards, and will catch water when we get some rain.
I took down the old vegetable raised beds, and replaced them with four laying out beds next to the polytunnel:they are now full,and Elizabeth hasn’t started the spring divisions. I can see that when the Countryside Stewardship Agreement finishes in Autumn 2012, we will have to expand into the House Field.We’ve also got a brand new sturdy potting table in the potting shed, looking out over the front garden.
Plant sales started early this year: a cold but profitable day at the Snowdrop and Hellebore Extravaganza at Goodnestone about a month ago.
Farmwise, I’ve reapplied to the Entry Level Scheme, for a second five year spell, and have spent my time eking out the cattle feed-hay cuts were very light last year.The recent dry weather has meant that I’ve rolled most of the grass near the yard, and the cows have been able to run in and out for the last few weeks.The arable land is still wet under foot-I’ll have to scrimp some cash to buy a bit of fizz for it soon.

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