Thursday, 5 August 2010


We’ve attended several fairs and plant sales so far this year-some in aweful weather-Smarden and Goodnestone in June, and some in blazing sun, but the one thatI enjoyed the most so far was the Grand Market on the Moor at Hawkhurst,held to celebrate the centenary of the OXO Cube. A pleasant day, weatherwise, the event was well run by local organisations, with support from SEEDA, the local development agency. That will date it, as I gather that SEEDA is to be abolished as part of the war on waste.
People were interested in, and complimentary about our plants, and we didn’t have to take too many home at the end of the day.
Researching the pub on the Moor, I discovered that OXO was developed by the Gunther family, who lived in what is now St Ronan’s School, which used to be a very superior prep school. It probably still is, but we aren’t allowed to be superior nowdays. One sad bit of information, which rather tempered my enjoyment of the day, was that two of the Gunther sons died in the Great War. However, I seem to remember that there was a farming family of Gunthers in the area when I was growing up.
Calving has proceeded without too much trauma, but, in common with the rest of the southeast, our farm is very dry, and it has been a struggle to find enough keep for the cattle, and hay cuts have been extremely low.
In a similar note, the nursery and garden have needed a lot of watering to keep growth on schedule, and Elizabeth is worried about the number of divisions she will be able to take. The Bee friendly plants that we sowed in the spring are progressing:most of them seem useful and saleable.

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